Before you get started, you will need:

1. OpenMesh Access Point

2. A free CloudTrax account.

You can sign-up for a CloudTrax account here. You'll also need a MIMO account! Get a free MIMO account here.

If you're setting up your OpenMesh / CloudTrax access points for the first time, read the guide here.

CloudTrax API details

You can generate / find your CloudTrax API credentials in your account settings. Follow the following guide for instructions on how you create these.

Make a note of your key and secret, you will need these in a moment.

Add CloudTrax Integration to MIMO

Login to your MIMO dashboard and head over to your settings.

Click the button to create an integration and choose 'CloudTrax' from the list.

Enter your API Key and Secret on the next page and click the 'test integration' button.

If you've entered the credentials correctly, you will able to progress to the final stage. Exciting. If the test failed, please check and double check your credentials are correct (in the CloudTrax portal).

Create Guest Network

On the next page, you should be able to select your CloudTrax network. If you don't have any networks, you can create one now.

Once you've selected your network, you can choose which SSID you want to enable the MIMO splash pages on.

You can choose to rename the SSID or leave as is.

Once you've selected these options, hit save!

You're set!

That's it, we've updated the guest settings for your network and imported your boxes.

You'll need to wait 5 minutes for CloudTrax to update their settings. After this, you should be able to connect to your MIMO splash page.

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