There are some minimum requirements required for this integration to work. Please do not skip them.

Minimum Requirements

  • VSZ needs to have a public facing IP
  • The following ports need to be open 21,22,91,443,7443,8022,8080,8443,8090,8099,8100,9998,9080,9443
  • We currently only support version 4.6.

Create a MIMO admin account on the VSZ

Head over to Administration > Admin and Roles > Administrators. Click on Create and fill in Account Name, Password and Confirm Password after which hit ok.

Click the groups tab and then click on Create. Under the Name Field add MIMO, from the Permission drop-down select custom and click Next.

Select SZ, AP and WLAN and click on the right-pointing arrow to add them to the Selected Resources list. Click next.

From the available users section, click the MIMO admin username that you've created earlier and click on the Right arrow after which click in next.

In the next page hit OK and we are done! That's it for the VSZ. Now over to MIMO.

MIMO Integration

Head over to your MIMO dashboard ( We will assume you already have an account setup. Create a new location if you want to test first.

Add an Integration

Click the settings icon in the left side nav. Then choose Integrations from the top nav. Click the Lets Go! button to choose your integration type.

Choose Ruckus VSZ from the list of integrations.

Add the URL of the VSZ in this format https://xx.xx.xx.xx:8443 followed by the admin user and password you've created earlier. Check everything is ok by clicking TEST INTEGRATION.

Create your SSID

Select the zone on which the MIMO settings will be applied and enter the name for your MIMO guest SSID.

After you've done this, click on CREATE.

That's a wrap!

If everything went to plan, MIMO's created you some guest settings and added an SSID.

It can take the Ruckus controller a few minutes to apply the settings. Go make some tea and when it's brewed, test your splash pages.

Please note, if you delete the integration, you will delete the settings we applied to the VSZ also.

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