The captive portal service will only work if your UniFi Controller is connected to the APs permanently.

Make sure that the controller has a public IP and the required ports (see below) are not open.

Please note - the changes can a while for the UniFi controller to apply. If the APs do not have the right configs or if they are not redirecting the user, we recommend rebooting them.

Let's get started. We'll assume you've got a location set up already.

Add an Integration

Click the settings icon in the left side nav. Then choose Integrations from the top nav. Click the Lets Go! button to choose your integration type.

Choose Ubiquiti from the list of available integrations.

Add your UniFi credentials

Enter the URL or IP address that corresponds to your UniFi controller. This must be publicly accessible.

The URL should be in this format HTTPS://IP-ADDRESS:PORT ( https://xx.xx.xx.xx:8443 )

Click the Test Integration button before continuing. If all is well, you should see a message popup. Click Next to continue!

If there was a problem, check the error message and go forth and fix the problem on your UniFi controller.

Create your SSID

MIMO will automatically create an SSID for you in your UniFi controller. Please ensure you have less than 4 SSIDs added otherwise the setup will fail!

Select the site on which you want to enable the Guest Network. Enter the name of the new guest SSID. Hit save!

That's a wrap!

If everything went smoothly, you're done. We will have added a guest SSID, setup the guest settings and imported all your devices.

Go drink some tea and test your splash pages!

You're done! Click on Splash Pages to head over and customize your guest experience.

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